Company profile

Founded since 2005, Futera Asia has come a long way in establishing itself today as one of the leading distributors across Asia Pacific countries. With more than 20 years of proven track record of its Founder Mr Jeff Tan, the company has built a strong reputation for delivering consistent quality products and solutions to its customers. 

Futera Asia Sdn Bhd is a company involved in the business of manufacture, supply, and distribution of goods at a global scale with a strong distribution network in Asian countries especially China and ASEAN.

Ever since its inception, Futera Asia main objective is to necessitate the ever-expanding needs of the clients to seek access to Malaysian and global futures markets. The company is driven by the desire to provide solution to complex supply chain problem within difficult regions of the world especially the mainland China to minimize the clients’ operational headache . Working closely with the governal departments of China, Futera Asia understand the nature of critical requirement of the country and figure out the solutions within short period of time.

Led by a team of well dedicated and experienced management staffs, Futera Asia hands on approach offers a unique edge in a highly competitive market whilst continually striving to improve the services on offer to both new and existing customers. The company was initiated with the dream of global expansion by ensuring that we possess an advantage over our competitors thus achieving annual revenue and profit targets.


We aim to be an internationally recognized consolidator company that continuously stays a step ahead in managing changes, develop new value, and exceed customer expectations.


Backed by an experienced sales & merchandising team, we are able to meet customer & vendor demand effective & efficiently. We aim to offer versatile sourcing options, competitive prices, ontime deliveries & customized solutions for each distinct request

The Founder CEO Profile:

  • International Business Director, GUANGDONG ADD FLAVOR & FRAGRANCE CO, LTD, China
  • General Manager, SUN PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY, Shanghai
  • Managing Director, DRAKE BEAM MORIN (DBM), China, Hong Kong & Taiwan
  • Executive Director, HR EXCEL CONSULTANCY SDN. BHD, Malaysia
  • Group Marketing Manager, GUINNESS ANCHOR BERHAD, Malaysia
  • National Sales Director, PFIZER PHARMACEUTICAL LTD. Beijing, China
  • Commercial Director, PFIZER PHARMACEUTICAL LTD. Beijing, China
  • General Manager / Market Director, NABISCO CHINA LTD. Guangzhou, China
  • Director of Sales & Distribution, PEPSICO FOOD INTERNATIONAL (PFI), Shanghai/Guangzhou, China
  • Market Manager- Sales Training & Recruiting Manager, PROCTER & GAMBLE, Guangzhou, China
  • Sales Marketing & Department Manager, PROCTER & GAMBLE, Hong Kong

Who we are?                                          

We are an international trading company providing local and international companies the opportunity to import and export products to new and existing markets. We are well versed in FMCG, health and beauty products, manufacturers’ raw materials and cosmectic. We source products around the world at a competitive price. We are always eager to develop new trading partners while continuing to maintain the valuable relationships we have built.

Why us?

Futera Asia boosts of extensive distribution channel in Asia Pacific countries, especially China, Philipines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Korea, from convenience stores to pharmacies, supermarket to hypermarket With in depth penetration and experience sales force, we are able to reach far distance city in each countries.

Our philoshopy?

  • We adhere ourselves to the virtues of integrity, honesty and to integrate business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning
  • We believe in appreciation and faith towards our customers and partners
  • We welcome changes to grow